Must-Try Summer Activities for Preschoolers: Fun and Educational Ideas for Toddlers

Must-Try Summer Activities for Preschoolers: Fun and Educational Ideas for Toddlers

As summer rolls around, keeping your little ones busy (and learning) is essential for everyone's sanity. So I've teamed up with 4 other moms to bring you the ultimate list of Summer Preschool activities!

Whether you're looking for themed projects, sensory play, or outdoor adventures, we've got you covered with a variety of ideas to make your summer unforgettable!


1. Watermelon-Themed Activities for Summer - from (me!) The Busy Homeschooler

Discover five fun watermelon-themed activities that help preschoolers develop important skills. From number talks and seed counting to making watermelon slime and creating bead bracelets, these easy-to-set-up activities are perfect for busy parents. Plus, download free watermelon-themed worksheets for no-prep learning.


2. 7 Fun Summer Activities for Active Learning from Joyful Lessons

Turn summer into a season of active learning with these seven activities from Joyful Lessons. Teach responsibility through gardening, explore science with outdoor experiments, enjoy nature walks and scavenger hunts, create art in nature, and play outdoor math games. Set up sensory play stations and keep kids moving with indoor activity games.


3. Refreshing Lemonade-Themed Preschool Activities from Running Turtle Resources

Engage preschoolers with lemonade-themed activities from Running Turtle Resources that blend learning and play. Set up a lemonade stand for dramatic play, make sensory lemonade, practice letter matching with lemon cutouts, create lemon print art, and play lemonade counting games. These activities enhance social skills, creativity, and basic math concepts.



4. 12 Muffin-Tastic Activities for Preschoolers by Run, Play, Explore

Discover a dozen fun and simple muffin-themed activities from Run, Play, Explore, perfect for preschoolers! Using a muffin tin and household items, your child can enjoy counting, color scavenger hunts, toy rescues, and more. Create DIY crayons, play with frozen animal escape, and practice patterns. End with baking muffins together for a memorable learning experience. Check out these engaging activities to make summer learning fun and easy!


5. 7 Sensory Preschool Activities for the Most Summer Fun from Cultivate Play

Engage your preschooler’s senses this summer with seven delightful activities from Cultivate Play! Explore sand and water play, nature scavenger hunts, DIY sensory bins, and ice play. Take sensory nature walks, enjoy sensory block play, and create art with natural materials. These activities promote development while providing endless entertainment. Dive into these sensory adventures to keep your little ones engaged and learning all summer long!

These blog posts offer a variety of activities that are not only fun and engaging but also educational. Each activity is designed to help your preschooler develop essential skills while keeping them entertained.

Check out the links for detailed instructions, freebies, and more creative ideas!

Enjoy a summer full of learning and laughter!

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